Flagfootball MAFA Sponsorship

Flagfootball MAFA Sponsorship

For the first time, Flagfootball MAFA organized the IFAF Asia-Oceania Flag Football Continental Championships, a landmark event that we had the privilege of sponsoring. Not only did we provide products for the winners, but we were also honored with an invitation to the post-ceremony dinner, an opportunity we eagerly accepted.

The dinner was especially memorable as participants from each country wore their traditional clothes, showcasing their rich cultures in a vibrant display of unity and diversity.

The championship was a showcase of competition among Asian countries, with the Malaysian team notably enhancing their skills. Despite facing tough opponents like Japan and Thailand and not making the top three, Malaysia showcased commendable offensive strategies, attributed to their agility and size.

Female Gold, Silver and Bronze Team for the 2023  IFAF Asia-Oceania Flag Football Continental Championships

Male Gold, Silver and Bronze Team for the 2023 IFAF Asia-Oceania Flag Football Continental Championships

In the women's division, Japan dominated, securing all three MVP awards: overall, offense, and defense.

The event, held over three rainy days, did not dampen participants' spirits, highlighting their dedication to the sport. Hosting the event in Malaysia was advantageous for local players, eliminating the financial burden of overseas travel.

We hope future competitions will see support from the government or other brands to facilitate team travel. Our contribution, though modest in the form of product sponsorship, was met with appreciation, a sentiment we deeply value.

(The picture above features our Malaysian Team participating in the competition)


We're enthusiastic about the growth potential of flag football, especially with its inclusion in the 2028 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. We aspire for the Malaysian team to not only participate but also excel in future Olympic events.


The journey for flag football's recognition and development in Malaysia is ongoing, yet the commitment of the organizing committees gives us hope for a successful and vibrant future for the sport. We look forward to continuing our support and witnessing the evolution of flag football in Malaysia and beyond.



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