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Why does my bottle has a strong plastic smell?

For the smell from the bottle, it is because the bottle is brand new and fresh out of the manufacturing warehouse.

We recommend washing it with soap & water when you use it for the first time. Make sure to shake it and let it rest for a while before rinsing it with clean water.

From all of our staff & customers' experience, the smell will slowly fade away after you wash it a few times and eventually dissipate.

How to wash the bottle?

It is easy to wash and there's two methods:

First method is to fill half the bottle with soapy water, shake it and let it rest for a while before rinsing it with clean water.  (If you just fill with water)

We also provide a specific brush to wash the bottle if you are interested. The brush will allow you to wash the bottle more thoroughly. 😇

How to maintain the bottle?

As our bottle is covered with Matte Finishing for a cleaner look, the downside is that it can get dirty easily sometimes when it got touch by dirt or oily substances.

We suggest to keep your bottle away from those area and wash it immediately if you got some stains on it so that it won't stick on the bottle forever.

How to assemble the straw cap

If you purchased the straw cap and not sure how to assemble it, here's a step by step guide!

Click this page to know the step by step. 😇

Can my bottle hold hot water?

Although our bottle can withstand hot water, we highly not recommend it because it is still a plastic material (Just to be safe) and we only want this product to remind our customers to stay hydrated at all times as our bodies need at least 3-4L a day. 🤗 

So we recommend to use it for warm water or normal temperature water only. 😊

Can my bottle be put in the fridge?

Yes you can place your bottle in the fridge or putting ice into the water when you fill it up

but please do not put your bottle in the freezer as it subjects the bottle to extreme temperature cycles which can weaken the plastic.

What if my bottle is leaking from the cap?

There's a gasket ring around the cap and if you find out that the gasket ring is missing, please try to find it back immediately.

This might happen when you are washing the bottle, sometimes the gasket ring gets loosened by the soap or water and hence it falls off.

If the rubber ring falls off again, we suggest putting it back and making a hard twist for once so that it will stick back on it.

If this still doesn't fix the leaking issue, please contact us immediately and we will give you a solution to fix it. 😊

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