We Provide Only The Safest Material.

Your Safety, Our Priority.

Proven, Not Promised.

We don't merely claim to prioritise safety - we prove it. All our products are made from the safest, certified materials.

They've been put through lots of testing and passed with flying colors. We don't just talk safety, we deliver it.

Facts Speak Louder Than Words

We are transparent about our processes and our products, and we have Malaysia's SIRIM cert to back up our claims.

When you pick OVER, you're not just choosing a product, you're choosing proven safety, unquestionable quality,
and above all, honesty.

We won't just tell you we're safe,
we'll show you.

OVER Malaysia

We Are Committed to Quality & Safety

Choose Safe, Choose Quality,
Choose OVER.

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What our customer say

"My favourite water bottle is now the 2.2L by OVER.

Honestly I’ve been through so many bottles but I finally got my hands on one that can last a lifetime 🥹"

Ross Stephenson
1.5L Emperor Blue Oversized Bottle

"Seriously, just look at how cute these bottles are! They hold up to 2.2L, that’s half a gallon!

Literally perfect for keeping me hydrated when i’m training or working out💪"

Lyana Jasmine
2.2L Hot Pink Bottle

"Drinking enough water is a task easy said than done, but not with OVER.

This one 1.5L bottle a day meets the average cut plus she’s cute and convenient to carry around!"

1.5L Hunter Green Oversized Bottle

"idk how to describe but the bottle quality really feel premium!

Also the variety of colors to choose really nice!"

Molli Milo
2.2L Lavender Oversized Bottle

"For our active lifestyles, staying hydrated is so important. Love our OVER-sized bottles from @overmalaysia"

Yazmin Aziz
2.2L Sangria & Black Bottle

"Delivery items from OVER is indeed well taken care and the goods are very solid.

Love my new sangria colourway water bottle as well!"

2.2L Sangria Purple Oversized Bottle