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Check out these tips to keep your
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How should you clean the Wave Flask?

To clean your Wave Flask effectively, we suggest using a sponge to clean the inner part of the flask and the cap.

For the lid and straw, you can use a thin straw brush. While we are currently working on designing a specific brush for this product, for now, a regular thin straw brush should do the job.

For a thorough clean, you can also fill half of the flask with soapy water and shake it to ensure the interior is clean. Afterward, rinse it thoroughly with clean water.

This routine should help keep your Wave Flask clean and ready for use.

Can we put hot water?

Certainly! Hot water is safe to use with our product. However, we recommend removing the straw when using hot liquids, as the straw is made of plastic.

What causes water to leak from the air hole in the straw lid?

The reason you might experience water leaking from the air hole of the straw is due to closing it too quickly.

Our straw cap is designed in a way that if you suck and then close it immediately, the water might not flow back quickly enough, leading to some leakage from the hole.

To prevent this, we recommend closing the cap more slowly after finishing your drink. This allows the water to flow back properly, reducing the chances of any leakage. 😊

Why is the straw not suitable for carbohydrate drinks?

The duo lid's convenience and the straw's easy flip-up feature make it unable to withstand the gas present in carbohydrate drinks.

This can lead to pressure build-up when you open the straw lid, resulting in some water leakage while drinking unless you keep the straw open until you finish the carbohydrate drink.

Alternatively, we recommend using the twist cap for carbohydrate drinks. You can still use the straw lid, but be sure to keep it open while using it so that the gas can escape. 😊

Remember to switch to 'Airplane Mode' when you are on a plane.

We know you might bring your Over Wave Flask on a plane one day. If you do, make sure to release the pressure using the twist cap. 🚨

Using the straw cap might cause the water to burst out during takeoff due to changes in cabin pressure, potentially making a mess. 😖

After releasing the pressure initially, you can resume using the straw cap. 😊

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