Staying Hydrated on the Go: Wellness Tips for Traveling in September

Staying Hydrated on the Go: Wellness Tips for Traveling in September

Hello again OVERachievers! Planning for a trip in the month of September? The best time to do so would be in the middle or end of this month. Staying hydrated while travelling is crucial for feeling your best, whether you're taking a trip for business or pleasure. Let's go into some useful advice so you can stay hydrated and prepared for adventure.

Hydration Before Departure

Make sure to stay hydrated before you leave the house. A glass of water will help your body get going when you start your day. Soda with added sugar should be avoided, and drinking too much coffee might cause dehydration.

We get it, it is a normal routine for most of us to grab a cup of coffee in the morning to start off our day but its is not advisable before going for traveling!

Not only will you be dehydrated but you might be lactose intolerance and cannot find a toilet...which is going to be SUPER troublesome!


Invest in a reusable water bottle

Purchase a reusable water bottle of high quality that you can carry with you. It is simpler to remember to stay hydrated throughout your journey if you have water with you consistently.

Distractions encountered while travelling can make it simple to forget to drink water. So, create reminders on your watch or phone to remind you to drink regularly.

Remember, that the dry cabin air might cause higher fluid loss whether you're travelling by car, train, or any other mode of transportation. 


Post-Travel Hydration

When you arrive at your destination, keep hydration top of mind! Even if you don't feel like drinking, just drink. It's simple to get carried away in the excitement, but keep in mind that you may have lost some fluids over the trip.

If you're visiting a location with a foreign climate, be aware of how the weather impacts your thirst. Heat and humidity can cause more sweating and hence more water loss.

Remember to stay hydrated as you set out on your September adventures, hydration will be your finest travel buddy. It guarantees that you will have the vigor and stamina to travel to new locations, create memories, and appreciate each and every moment!


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