Magically Awesome: No cap with The CapLock!

Level Up Your Flask Game with Innovation

Magic at Your Fingertips

Pure Magic! It's MagSafe compatible, so whetheryou're watching videos, snapping epic selfies, or hosting a live, this cap hasyou covered.

Open Source Innovation

Our magnetic cap is open source, meaning it's auniversal fit for not just our flask but other brands too. Consider it the Swiss knife of flask caps!

No Flask Needed

The world doesn't need more flasks; it needs caps like this one. It's a superhero cap, making every flask extraordinary.

How to Use Our CapLock Lid

Style_Straw Caplock Lid

Swap Caps

Remove your current flask cap and replace it with your new magnetic cap. Twist and switch effortlessly.

Magically Attach Your Phone

If you have an iPhone with MagSafe, align it with the magnetic cap, and it'll attach securely – hands-free! No balancing acts required.

No MagSafe, No Problem

Don't have MagSafe? No worries! Use the included ring accessory. Stick it to your phone or case, and now you're ready to attach it to the cap. It's like adding a touch of magic to any phone.

More than just a product.

Get Your Magical Magnetic Cap and Start the Fun!

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