Somethings different about this WAVE...

Somethings different about this WAVE...

Recently, we went out of our comfort zone and revealed our new product via TikTok and Shopee Live! And let me tell you, it was epic and chaotic because we used party poppers and created a great mess of confetti. This new product that we are talking about is WAVE Flask!


2-in-1 Lid 

We decided to go with this design because of how sleek and simplistic it looks and feels. However, what makes the WAVE stand out is not the name but the 2-in-1 lid! There is a twist cap and a straw cap! Definitely a first from OVER, in terms of design and functionality!

Magnetic Cap

The fun does not end there, the party stopper is the twist cap! Scared of misplacing your cap after uncapping it from the lid? No worries! Just place it back on the lid and it will be magnetized there.

Durable Steel - 316 Stainless Steel

Not only that, but we've also opted for 316 Stainless Steel, which is better at retaining temperatures and better durability. With this material, you are able to keep you cold beverages cold for 24 hours! Now you may enjoy your cold beverages from dawn till dusk!

Ergonomic Strap Handle 

With the newly designed strap handle, you are certain to have a comfortable carrying experience. It is designed in a ergonomic way, in which your fingers will be placed comfortably on the strap when carrying. 

Built in Silicon Guard

Lastly, the bottom of the WAVE Flask comes with a silicon base guard. Say good bye to loud "clanks" when placing your flasks on tabletops as the base guard will silence them! Furthermore, this base guard also adds friction to the flask, so no worries of it slipping away unnoticed.


So, what do you think of our new WAVE Flask? 900ml a bit too big for you? No worries, we have a 500ml version! Give it a try and let us know what you think! 




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