Dreams Fueled by Victory: Zeppo's Unforgettable Journey to Body Rock 2023 Triumph

Dreams Fueled by Victory: Zeppo's Unforgettable Journey to Body Rock 2023 Triumph

Few months ago, the dance crew called Zeppo, had a chance to head to the US to compete in one of the world greats dance competitions called “Body Rock 2023” but due to great financial costs to travel to the US, they seek the help of the public through crowdfunding.

As the days slowly went by, it seems that the dance crew won’t have enough funds to go the US. But then, the government, brands and corporates came in with the clutch and sponsored the crew with the remaining funds so that the crew can go and make Malaysia proud!

And proud they did Malaysia! Zeppo proceeded to win the competition with a final score of 96 point and beating out other countries like US and Canada! The journey to the finals wasn’t an easy one but they overcame the obstacles and became victorious!

We did a simple and mini-interview with Faris Azim, the founder and director of Zeppo Youngesterz and here’s what he got to say about their journey to the top.

Tell us about your hurdles to the finals and how you beat ’em?

“This Body Rock Journey (at San Diego, US), is actually pretty tough from the start. It started with the funds, as we don’t have the funds means we can’t go if got funds then can go.

We did plan earlier to find sponsors and stuff but because it was not as fast as we expected so I had to do something about it so I created a crowd funding page.

Because Malaysians right now are more digitalized so thank goodness many people saw the video and ultimately helped us, the government, corporates and brands made our trip to San Diego possible!”

We’d love to know your opinion which country performed exceptionally well and the reasons behind it.

“Hard to say! Because this time we are going up against big countries like Mexico, Canada and of course the United States! Most of these competitors are my idols especially when I was younger!

Been watching them since i was growing up, so when it came to competing against them me and my crew were afraid but we had that fight in us so our fear subsided.”

Lastly, could you fuel the ambitions of those daring to chase their dreams?

“I need to let you guys know about the dance culture in here (Malaysia). Currently, aspiring dancers should be grateful because there were no dance teachers, classes, studios, courses nor programs in the past.

So, for them to start now is pretty easy because of how developed the dance scene has become. It took me 6 years to become good at dancing because there weren’t any dance teachers back then so everything was self-taught from YouTube!”

There you have it! The interview was really insightful for the OVER team in terms of the struggles they had to face while going to the States as well as how developed the dancing scene has become in Malaysia!

Thank you again Zeppo Youngsters so much for making Malaysia proud with all the Dubs! Keep it coming and peace out!     

Check out the interview here!


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