TOP 5 HYDRATION HACKS during the month of Ramadan !

TOP 5 HYDRATION HACKS during the month of Ramadan !

How to stay REALLY hydrated during this holy month of Ramadan




8 to 12 cups of water

These are the suggested cups of water to drink between Iftar and Sahur. If possible, drink lukewarm water because it absorbs faster by the body. 

Other alternatives include soups, vegetables and fruits because of the high content of water, which helps reduce thirst.


Limit the consumption of spices and salt

Steer clear of foods that are heavily spiced during Iftar since this can result in the body needing more water. 

Furthermore, it is advised to use less salt when cooking because too much consumption of salt may increase  thirst! 


Reduce the use of nicotine and caffeine

This is the case because caffeine is a natural diuretic, which will increase fluid loss and thirst. So, avoid drinks like coffee and tea and carbonated drinks. 

Also, reduce smoking as it triggers continuous dry mouth and thirst.



Restrain from eating sweets

Because research shows sweets contain large amounts of sugar, so thirst will be increased. Therefore, consume sweet fruits instead to quench your sweet tooth!


Stay away from the sun or physical activity during daytime

If not the body will be at high temperature, resulting in the body experiencing dehydration and increase in thirst!

Fear not, the best time to engage in physical activity is right after Iftar as the body has been replenished with nutrients and hydrations!

Lastly, try all these tips out and we guarantee you, you will remain hydrated until Sahur! 

P.S. We tried fasting ourselves, see how it went in this video → 



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