Karun Hijau

Karun Hijau
Karun Hijau is a leading digital recycling platform that aims to educate the public on recycling and nurture green living. As of today, they have prevented 215,626kg of recyclables from entering overfilled landfills and incinerators and prevented 409797 kg of green house gas emissions through their green efforts.

They offer a range of services from free pick up services for e-waste collection, home/office clearing of recyclable materials and they also work with NGO’s to raise money to provide learning opportunities to underprivileged kids.

We believe that companies like Karun Hijau are so important because they advocate for change in our community and offer great services to make recycling easier for everyone.

We had the chance of interviewing 'Uncle Hijau' from Karun Hijau. He explained that there are different types of plastics, and each type of plastic is represented by its own number. He also gives us some knowledge about what type of plastics are contained in a single-use plastic bottle which you have to separate out before it can be recycled.

Although LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) and HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) is recyclable and can be recycled into things like medical products and paper coatings, only a small percentage of it ends up in recycling facilities, and the rest ends up in landfills.

Our bottle used to be made out of Tritan material which is category 7 but we have improved to PP (5) which is more sturdier and easier to recycle.

We should be aware of what kind of materials are used so that we can make more conscious decisions for ourselves and the environment. For more information on Karun Hijau’s initiatives, visit https://www.karunhijau.com/


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