Why water bottle?

Why water bottle?

Some of you asked why we want the oversized bottle to be our first product. The reason why is because we want to remind our customers to drink more water in their daily life!

While drinking enough water may seem like a simple action, it impacts virtually every aspect of sports performance.

By staying hydrated, we will have more energy and improve our movement, recovery and agility. Besides that, staying hydrated can also help with mental clarity and activity which aids in optimising physical performance and reducing the risk of injuries.

That's why we need a constant reminder for us to remember to stay hydrated. How? Well, our 2.2L Oversized bottle is your solution! It's so big and colorful that it is very hard for you to not notice it. That's why we wanted to have a new trend of "Staying hydrated with style".

With more unique colours coming soon, we also want a feature of our product to be making you love to drink water in a more a fun and sustainable manner.

Each Oversized bottle are all independently tested and accredited, rest assured your bottle is safe and of the highest quality.

Our bottles are available in a huge range of colours & finishes, are BPA Free and are fun and easy to carry. Be ready to turn heads where ever you go!


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