3 Hydration hacks for Working Adults

3 Hydration hacks for Working Adults

At times being a working adult, it is really easy to get caught up with the amount of work we have to do on the daily and this will lead to us neglecting one of the most important things that fuels our body, which is hydration!

Many may not believe this but staying hydrated throughout the workday is crucial for maintaining focus, productivity and overall health! Here are 3 hydration hacks that will help you get back on your hydration track at work.

Use your favorite bottle

As mentioned earlier, we tend to forget to drink water while working. So, the first hydration hack is to use a bottle that you really like which will translate to you drinking from it more frequent!

Why not consider our OVER Sized bottle! We have a range of colours to choose from as well as different litres, from 600ml to a massive 3.78L! But we would recommend the 2.2L for working professionals!

This is the perfect size because 2.2L of water is more than sufficient to hydrate a human body. Further, we have water indicators on the size of the bottle so you may easily keep track of your water intake. Lastly, our 2.2L bottles are BPA free as certified by SIRIM Malaysia.

Set alarm, then sip

As a working adult, we tend to set timers, alarms or reminders for our next meeting with an important client or big event. Why not do the same for keeping hydrated?

 Most of us have smartphones now, so just use set reminders on your smartphone to schedule regular water breaks throughout your working day. Once the reminder goes off, just take a break and sip from your OVER bottle!

By developing this habit of scheduling your water intake, you will develop a healthy habit that will greatly benefit your well-being and performance at work.

Consume snacks rich in water

Many times, you will have the sudden urge to snack on something and we will conveniently go for unhealthy snacks like biscuits, nuts or chocolates! Instead of reaching for those, why not snack on snacks that are rich in water so it can contribute to your daily water intake?

Some of these hydration snacks may include watermelon, cucumber and oranges. If you find this too blend, then you may combine these into a form of salad! Prepare it at home, bring it to the office and keep it in the fridge, so you will be able to snack on it fresh when you want to!

By developing this snacking routine, you'll nourish your body and maintain hydration levels even during hectic workdays.


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