Optimizing Nutrition for Once-a-Week Workouts: Insights from NUSA Interview

Optimizing Nutrition for Once-a-Week Workouts: Insights from NUSA Interview

In a time not long ago, an association called NUSA or Nutrition Student Association approached us to sponsor their Yoga for Pregnant Mommies Event. Since we at OVER would also like to know more about nutrition, we took the opportunity to interview them some questions about workout and nutrition. So, here’s how it went!

What are some important nutritional considerations for someone who only works out once a week?

Based on WHO, an individual between the age of 18 years old to 65 years old needs to be physically active by participating in at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity or 75 minutes of vigorous activity

If they work out once a week, they would still have the same nutrition recommendations according to their population recommendations.

However, they should ensure that they stay hydrated according to the recommended amount of water to drink (body weight x 0.03) in litres.

It is also recommended that they consume adequate amount of protein if they are aiming to build muscle to improve the effectiveness of their workouts (it is recommended 0.8g/kg body weight - 1.0g/kg body weight at least

Is it still necessary for someone who works out infrequently to consume carbohydrates before and after their workout?

Yes, it is. The carbohydrates that they consume pre is to fuel the workout in order to make it more effective. As they consume carbohydrates (preferably simple carbs) it will turn into glucose which is used as an energy source during their workout

As for after their workout, the carbohydrates (if combined with protein) will help to improve their recovery if taken at least within 30 minutes post workout.


Is it important for someone to still consume protein after their workout?

Yes, it is. This helps in recovery as it provides the amino acids for the muscles to recover and build more efficiently during that 30-minute window period.

What are some healthy snack options that can help someone refuel after their workout?

After working out, we are often too tired to consume a heavy meal and want something quick and easy.

However, considerations, such as ensuring it is balanced is crucial and make sure there is a combination of carbs and protein to maximize in replenishing energy and muscle recovery. Some examples are like sandwiches (egg/chicken sandwiches), Protein shakes or Smoothie bowls with fruits

Are there any supplements that you would recommend for someone who works out infrequently?

There is usually no need for supplements for someone who is not considered an athlete, a balanced diet is sufficient to fulfil your nutritional requirements

However, if you are a vegetarian or lactose intolerant, Vitamin B12 or Calcium supplements might be needed depending on your blood work profile.


How can someone who only works out once a week ensure they are getting enough nutrients to support their workout?

Consuming a balanced diet and fulfilling the food group recommendations on the food pyramid is sufficient.

Is it necessary for someone who only works out once a week to also make changes to their diet outside of their workout routine?

Not necessary. However, to support their fitness goals and to make the process more efficient, losing weight would require you to be on a calorie deficit for example.   


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