Campers' Outdoor Escapades with OVER Products!

Campers' Outdoor Escapades with OVER Products!

Hey there OVERachievers! We've got an exciting treat for you today. As we've already approached athletes and gym goers, so we wanted to reach a different group of audience.

Hence, in the past few months we've been reaching out to camping content creator via TikTok to collaborate with them! After sending them the products and spending their time with it, here's what they got to say about their experiences with OVER products during their outdoor escapades.


TikTok handle: @shazwaninasa

Shazwani's contents are really astatic and beautifully shot with nice angles and sceneries! With the time and effort they put into creating these videos, that's no wonder why their videos are so nice to watch! Give them and follow and check them out! 

Shazwani opted for our latest product called WAVE (900ML) and here's what she had to say: 

What I like about this bottle is the versatility of it as it can be use in two ways. It has built in straw and spout lid with magnetic cap which make it more convinient in any ways of drinking. It also comes in a sleek design, matte and solid color which suit my outdoor lifestyle.

Check out the video here:


@shazwaninasa Matte Black looks Premium! Love the Bold and Solid color of The Over Wave Thermo Duo Lid Flask from @overmalaysia .😍 This is not just a normal flask. This is the first Duo Lid Flask released by Over Malaysia. I love the versatility of the flask which can be use in two ways. It has built in straw and spout lid with magnetic cap which make it more convinient in any ways of drinking and stay hydrated! The sleek design, and premium looks design very much suit with my outdoor lifestyles 🖤 Check out their website now! They have special promo price only for today 9.9 sale! 😍 Catch your Over Wave Water Bottle Now! @OVER #CatchTheWave #overmalaysia #overbottle #over #campingmalaysia #outdoormalaysia #outdoorvibes #campingvibes #familycampingmalaysia #outdoor #waterbottle #thermoflask #stayhydrated ♬ original sound - Shazwani Nasa



TikTok Handle: @hamizaaaaaaa

Hamiza Hamidon is her name and she has a strong follower base at 33K and growing! Hamiza's videos bring you on breathtaking adventures and sceneries you won't believe existed in Malaysia! Do go check out and follow her account and be in a constant state of awe!

Hamiza purchased several products from us, Hunter Green (2.2L), Matte Black Flask (1.8L) and the massive Portable Tangki Posh Grey (3.78L)! Here's what she had to say:

Healing is self care, so do hydration!

As much as I love being outdoor, I always make sure I’ll drink enough water to keep myself hydrated. I love to have my drinks cold for most of the time, but being outdoor make it almost impossible .

But since I discovered @overmalaysia , it is now possible! Their OVERsized flask is now my favorite hydration buddy! I’ll bring it everywhere whenever I’m out.

It can keep my 1.8L drinks cold up to 20 hours, even in this Malaysia’s hot weather. Cool right?

Despite the practicality, the sleek design is plus point too! Thank you @overmalaysia! 

Check out the video here: 


@hamizaaaaaaa Replying to @adyzadizaaddin View #PiramidHillKundasang is totally worth my both hikes 🥹🫠 Hiking with my favorite botol air, gigih usung dari rumah sampai Sabah sebab cantik dan function🤌🏻 Nama teknologi teguk tak tersedak tu ‘Smooth Flow Tech’ rupanya. Sangat helpful bila kabut2 nak minum especially masa dalam kenderaan bergerak 🫠 #overmalaysia #overbottle #oversizedbottle #supportlocal #hikingmalaysia #kundasang #hikingvlog ♬ Pieces (Solo Piano Version) - Danilo Stankovic


Anje Pajelily 

TikTok Handle: @anjepajelily

Anje's camping trips and content quality is a vibe! Astatically pleasing content to look at with a touch of humor. Not only do you feel a sense of satisfaction while watching their videos but they also give tips about camping which is very insightful! Give them a follow, who knows? Your next hobby might be camping! 

Anje got the massive Portable Tangki Matte Black (3.78L) from us and here's their experience: 

Over Bottle sangat Recommanded !!

Sharing pengalaman kami mengunakan OVER BOTTLE tangki 3.78L camping selama 3h2m . Botol sgt lasak ,senang dibawa & saya xperlu fikir utk refill atau perlu bawa banyak2 botol sangat berpuas hati ..1st day camping kami letak ais dlm tangki & sepanjang 3 hari tu mmg kami letak ditempat terbuka tanpa berteduh pom ,direct bawah matahari.


KEKAL SEJUK dalam masa 3 hari guys !! hari kedua ais masih ada & xcair lansung . kmi xperlu keluar cari ais utk topup . Malam hari kedua saya tambah air dlm tangki utk minum air sejuk .Then ,bila hari ketiga last day kami nk checkout semasa tgh kemas2 kami dahaga bila check tangki masih ada air & ais lagi so AMAZING !!


Ngam dpt air sejuk bila cuaca panas .cukup utk kegunaan 3 hari .. sangat berpuas hati .. I want more collection OVER BOTTLE plisss !!! 

Check out the video: 

@anjepajelily Botol Camping terpaling OVER !! hensem teruk weh !! Alamak berebut pulak dah xcukup satu. kalau dah jatuh cinta susah nak cari lain .. @OVER tolong 😩 dah la lawa,ringan ,tahan lasak pulak tu ... #over#overmalaysia#oversizebottle#fyp#fypシ゚viral#fypシ#tiktokmalaysia#foryou#nature♬ Funny video "Carmen Prelude" Arranging weakness(836530) - yo suzuki(akisai)
There you have it! Our products are very versatile in the sense that they are not only suitable for sports but camping as well! What's next? The working class? Stick around to find out!   



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