Help Malaysia be on the International stage!

Help Malaysia be on the International stage!

We Malaysians are really outstanding but we just do not get enough coverage on the achievements! Let’s present to you a group of great achievers called Zeppo Youngsterz! They are a local Dance crew and they have been on a roll lately winning Awards around Asia!

Because of these achievements, they are qualified to participate in the Grand Final Body Rock Dance Championship 2023 at San Diego, California, happening on 24th June 2023!


This competition is the BIGGEST dance competition in the international dance community stage. It is a super proud moment because they will be the first and only dance crew representing Malaysia to participate in this competition and they will be facing other dance crews from other countries like Germany, Philippines and Canada just to name a few.


However, here’s when things get a little tough. They will have to fund their own for this trip and its not looking well. Hence, they started a crowdfunding page and is reaching out to the community for financial aid!

This crowdfunding project will aid them in flight tickets and US VISAs. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for these dancers to showcase their skills on the biggest stage, lets help make it happen!


At OVER, we have had the privilege of sponsoring them before. In March 2023, we sponsored them for a competition in Vietnam where they achieved remarkable success and became the champions.

Once again, we have extended our sponsorship for this upcoming competition. Let us join together and wholeheartedly contribute towards raising funds for them, enabling them to bring honor and pride to Malaysia.

This situation is a clear example of why we are here. In Malaysia, we have so many talented individuals, but their main concern shouldn't be finding funds to compete internationally.


It's truly disheartening and shouldn't be happening. That's why we are here to make a change. We don't want them to give up on their dreams when the opportunity is right there.

Our goal is to eventually provide funding for our talented players to compete on the international stage without having to worry about financial struggles.

 Lastly, if you've missed it, here's the link to their crowdfunding page: 




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