How to beat the heatwave this May onwards

How to beat the heatwave this May onwards

As all Malaysians know, Malaysia is a hot and humid country all year round. Which means we will sweat a lot daily, especially these few months, even the government may announce Emergency because of this scorching weather.

This will lead to dehydration at times because we are busy with our work or activities.

So here are 3 practices to develop if you want to remind hydrated in the Malaysian weather!


Track your water intake:

Keeping an eye on your water intake is really important because we tend to forget to drink which will lead to headaches or doziness! After all, our body comprises about 60% of water.

If you want to be more specific on how much water you should be drinking, here is a formula shown in the U.S. News & World Report, on how to calculate exactly that:

You weight x 0.5 = oz. of water per day

With our bottle, you can easily keep track of your water intake because of the water indicator. Not only that but our bottle is equivalent to 6 cups of water which is enough to keep you hydrated through the entire day!


Add flavor to your water:

We understand sometimes drinking plain water is boring hence we don’t drink that often and resulting to being dehydrated.

One practice you can develop is by adding flavors to your drink! You may add fruits like lime, oranges, fresh mint or lemons to make your water more healthy, refreshing and enjoyable to drink!


Start your day with hydration:

Your body uses water throughout the night while you sleep, so it makes complete sense that you start your day off with water to rehydrate your body!

With 14 colors to choose from, we are sure there’s one color you will like! So why not get that color and place it in your room at night, once you wake up, looking at your favorite color, you will be motivated to start you day with water!


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