Determination and Perseverance pave the road to Success

Determination and Perseverance pave the road to Success

5 years ago, Jill Miu unknowingly started her weightlifting and body building journey. After long hours sitting in the office, going to the gym was just something she would do as a couple activity. After some time, she started seeing changes in her physique and wanted more.

She started off setting herself a goal to do one pull up within one month of training without any assistance. With her determination and drive to try and do it everytime she stepped into the gym, she managed to do it in just 3 weeks. Her next goal: more pull ups. She ended up meeting her college senior who competed in body building competitions and asked her if she wanted to take a big leap to be a female body builder. She surprised even herself by saying yes. With the guidance and knowledge from her friend, her first ever bikini model show debut was in 2021. After so many years of wondering and not knowing what she wanted to do with her life, she found a calling and purpose in body building. With her passion and commitment for the sport, she won the WFF Professional Athlete Title in her second competition in 2022.

Being a body builder comes with its sacrifices. Diet requirements, missing out on special occasions and having a non-existant social life when she is on prep. It was uncomfortable at first, but this is the lifestyle she chooses, and she tries to find a balance between her love for the sport and her family, friends and people she cares for. She spends an hour in the gym training which consists of 30-45 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes to practice her posing routine almost everyday. When it comes to competition season, she spends even more time to fine tune her performance and posing so that she can present herself better on stage as body building is a full package sport.

The recent WFF competition was tough on her, both mentally and physically. Everyone always puts their best foot forward in the competitions, and you never know who will get the crown. She has to push her limits and fight through her emotions throughout the prep. She constantly reminds herself that "If she wants to be a professional athlete, she needs to act like one". As long as she is making progress everyday, this is all worth it to her, no matter the outcome. The adrenaline rush and thrill whenever she steps on stage is the spark that she looks forward to in her life.

She is lucky and blessed that she is in the body building community with her partner, as they both share the same lifestyle and take part in competitions together. He is her pillar of support and has faith in her. She notes that without him, she might not be where she is now in her body building career.


Some advice from Jill is the best things can happen unexpectedly. She never in her wildest dreams thought of being a body builder a few years ago. Shes always ready to take on a challenge no matter what the future holds. She encourages others to try something new, because we will definitely see a different version of ourselves we didn't even know existed.

Discipline and Perseverance has allowed Jill to achieve new heights in the bodybuilding scene.








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