Started as a Hobby, Now it’s a Way of Life

Started as a Hobby, Now it’s a Way of Life

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“Basically it started as a hobby to keep myself healthy while in campus. But over the time I felt im getting better in this sport and wanted to see how good I can be. “

Awan started his running journey when he was in his university days, running laps around the field. What started as just an alternative to the sport of football, now it has become a competitive endeavor in his active life.

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“I’m a bit lucky to get support from everyone! I try to plan every week and be agile to the changes in life. Of course, there’s a bit of sacrifice involved in terms of time. Typically I start my day very early for a bike session and then run in the evening.”

Being a parent, office worker, and competitive runner at the same time is no easy task for any human being. Yet, Awan pushes through every day and gets his track workouts done regardless of how busy and tired the day might be. He is also really grateful for his friends and family that supports him endlessly in all his ventures.

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“I hope to see more corporations coming in for sponsorship which can also internally aspire to the workers to push themselves to be a working class athlete or just for the health benefits. People always tell me that if I’m over 30 I can’t push myself towards a high performance level due to aging. But this is something we need to carve out from the general folks & athletes mindset and help them to keep pushing beyond their 30s.”

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We all set limitations for ourselves. That is why most humans never reach their full potential.We can be so much MORE when we believe that we CAN. Awan definitely did not let anyone’s belief of him affect his belief in himself. That is why he is still doing very well and still reaching new heights in the competitive scene.


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“For young athletes, things right now might look impossible, but always look 10 years ahead. If you keep doing what you are doing now consistently for 10 to 15 years, you will excel in your sport. So just keep going and stay hungry. Always plan ahead and look up for the next goal you want to tackle. The goal has to be like 5-10 years and set yourself a goal that excites you to keep showing up every day. Two most powerful warriors are time and patience, so keep working and be patient.”

Awan’s advice to aspiring young athletes. As a young athlete myself, I struggle a lot with thinking long term as I always just want to win. But this is just really good advice. Starting is not the hardest, staying consistent is. I believe that if you can stick to something for a long period of time, without changing course and jumping to a new thing, you will be successful. Not there yet, but I guess I just have to wait and be consistent with my actions. I’m really grateful to have great athletes like Awan showing people the joy of running and what it can bring to you,

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See you on the road Overachievers.






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