National Malaysia Dodgeball Team 2022

National Malaysia Dodgeball Team 2022

The Resilient Malaysian Dodgeball Team that never gives EXCUSES.

“It's quite fair, and also quite frustrating in a way as I don’t get to see them as often” says Aaron Pek on missing family time to attend rigorous training sessions with the Team. Simultaneously Working a 9-5 job,  juggling family time and dealing with personal issues; yet he still shows up for every training session, wanting to do his best for our country.

Putting in the work to win Gold every year, which Malaysia have won 5 of. Money is also a huge obstacle for this resilient team.

Money is also a huge obstacle for this resilient team.

“Money is definitely a big struggle.”

“For me , I have spent more than 50-70 thousand ringgit in my entire career.” 

Wee Sheng, a full time working adult sacrificed his savings for the sport that he so fervently loves. Now that’s PASSION.

“Every year we fork out at least 10 thousand to travel to the Western side.” - @tehweesheng

As a small company, we have tried our best to help them out by funding RM 5480 through support from our lovely customers and local athletes!

We believe that a team that sacrifices family time, money, and career advancement should get enough funding to compete for our country. 

Especially if they are WINNING, not just competing in these world championships.

We are happy to see BetterFoundation sponsor RM55,000 for them and we will follow suit once we have the funds to do so.

To give some context to the expenses, it is RM10K per person for the entire trip. The team consists of 35 players. That is RM350,000 ringgit in total expenses.

It is important to emphasize that they are Gold-Medal contenders in this sport, but getting even 50% of their funding sponsored is a struggle.

It is what it is. They did not complain. They did not give excuses. They accepted it and played ball.

And that has earned the respect of many people in Malaysia, especially here at OVER.

So, we thank you for your services @maddoggeballmalaysia.

You guys truly are OVERACHIEVERS.



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