Dancing Their Way To Bronze Through The Streets Of Hanoi

Dancing Their Way To Bronze Through The Streets Of Hanoi

“There will always be a winner and a loser in every competition - Leonard

Today we venture into the cultural and political center of Vietnam, Hanoi.

Where Self-Funded Malaysian Dancesport Contigents, Linda and Leonard lined up to the start of their Waltz Dance in the 2022 Sea Games.

When they approach us, we were utterly impressed with their determination and fighting spirit, something that we think all Malaysians should aspire for.

Therefore, we decided to fund them with RM 1,000 from our OVERFUND, 20% of our profits go to. We hoped we would at least lessen their burden a little for their accommodation and flight expenses.

“The biggest challenge for me was actually my old injury at my neck, shoulder and back.”

After suffering an injury during his sea games training, the pressure was on and there was only one thing to do: perform.

“My muscle was injured during my SeaGames training, and it got worse two days before my tournament day. Definitely the biggest challenge for me.”

Even though there was adversity, Linda and Leonard were on a mission. Their target this year was to be the first Malaysians to ever win a bronze medal in the standard category.

And suffering an injury was not going to stop them from achieving that goal. They have worked way too hard to be in this position as Team manager Chua Zjen Fong said the pairs have been training hard for about six to eight hours a day, six days a week to achieve the target.

Their biggest competitors were Thailand and Vietnam athletes, who were the big favorites to win in the standard category.

Even though they were only sponsored RM 1,000 from us. They did not complain and focused on the positive.

“There will always be a winner and a loser in every competition. However, as long as we give our best and train hard during our prime time, win or lose, it doesn’t matter because the only person that you need to win everytime is ourselves.”

That is the mentality of our Malaysian athletes. Even though most of the trip was self funded, they did not complain once and focused on the positive of the experience. They could have decided to not compete but they stuck through it and made no excuses.

Hopefully, more funding could be given to these athletes who sacrifice so much to compete for our country. That’s all for today Overachieves! See you in the next blog.

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