STACT Club's NGO Project 2022

STACT Club's NGO Project 2022
The Student Action (STACT) Club of INTI International College Subang which rings by the motto "Friendship Through Service" is a club focused on encouraging kind behaviour, emphasising on personal and group development and carrying our charitable serviced to those in need.

We have stumbled upon STACT’s Club NGO Project 2022: Back To School Fundraising Program, and we noticed that their vision is aligned with us.

Therefore, we decided to raise RM 460 for them to purchase 20 calculators and 20 geometry sets for the 29 children of Good Samaritan Home.

The reason behind donating more calculators and geometry sets is due to the children needing calculators and geometry sets for their secondary school learning.

By doing so, we hope that the kids have the necessary stationery to learn in school afterwards.


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